SEP 21 2017

Freaky Filmed-In-Florida Flicks: “Airport ’77” Screens for Free Friday, September 29


Airport '77 poster

Airport ’77

7:00 PM September 29


MDC Live Arts Lab, 300 NE Second Avenue, Room 1101-1

Airport ’77, the penultimate film of the popular 1970s franchise, stars James Stewart as a super-rich art lover who packs his personal 747 with art treasures and several dozen of his very best friends. The airborne disco flies over the Bermuda Triangle, crashes into the ocean and sinks to the bottom. But the passengers are alive! Released in (wait for it) 1977.

Bonus Short: Movie legend Jimmy Stewart shoots Airport ’77 at Vizcaya! WTVJ’s Joan Hall reports in a news clip from the Wolfson Archives’ WTVJ Collection.

Note: No food or drink is permitted in the MDC Live Arts Lab.