Conni Gordon Collection

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Famous for her four-step speed painting instruction and her appearances on talk shows for the past 50 years, painter Conni Gordon’s collection of videos and home movies includes “The Conni Gordon Show” and her travels around the world in the 1960s.


  • The Conni Gordon Show: Sunset Seascape and Moonlit Seascape (1994) WC13380; Spring Tree and Autumn Lake (1994) WC12297; Winter Mountain and Summer Dunes (1994) WC12298; Oriental Flowers and Roses (1994) WC12299
  • Paint Instruction Programs: Learning to Paint by Conni Gordon: Palm Trees WC13391; Conni Gordon’s Paint Party at the Fontainebleau (1990) WC13366; Happy Painting WC12295
  • Television Appearances: Praise Lord Art Lesson (1985) WC13389; Tulsa Convention Paint Party WC13392
  • Home Movies: Various vacations. (1950s and 1960s) WC12973


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