Eastern Air Lines Collection

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Corporate films and documents, travelogues, and commercials comprise the Eastern Air Lines Collection. Because Eastern was headquartered in Miami, many of the travelogues and commercials focus on Florida and the Caribbean.


  • Highlights of Aviation: Includes Hindenberg explosion, Wright brothers, various vintage aircraft, autogyro, seaplanes, WWII planes, aircraft carrier. (1946) WC15415
  • Flying with Godfrey: A 50th anniversary year of powered flight documentary starring naval aviator and radio and television personality Arthur Godfrey for Eastern Air Lines.  Eddie Rickenbacker featured. (1953) EAF0051-R01, EAF0051-R02
  • Viva Mexico: A cultural portrait of Mexico, interweaving scenes and actual sounds and music of fiesta celebrations and ceremonies, traditional Indian dances, village market days, and famous artists at work. (1980) WC21423-1-01, WC21423-1-02; WC21416
  • Welcome Aboard: Lockheed promotional film touting the new L1011 luxury passenger jet. (1968) EAF0020
  • Dream Called Walt Disney World: Walt Disney World. (1980) EAF0004
  • From Here to the 70′s: Floyd Hall and other executives speak about goals in and contributions to the airline industry Eastern has. (1969) EAF0029
  • Last Week We Flew to Florida: Visual extrapolation of a young boy’s essay on what he did on his summer vacation. EAF0024
  • Black Travel: Documentary explains the airline industry’s attempt to promote the joys of travel in a new market. (early 1970s) EAF0017
  • Eastern Airlines Commercials: Eastern Air Lines commercials in Spanish. (1987) EAF0053
  • Immortal Ace: Eddie Rickenbacker: Arthur Godfrey narrates a history about America’s number one ace of all time, captain Eddie Rickenbacker. (1953) EAF0011


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