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These personal films captured family events, celebrations, and vacations extending beyond Florida’s geographic region. Dating from the early 20th century, these home movies are historical documents of eras passed, often showing locations that are long-gone or have been vastly transformed over the decades.


  • Florida
    Boom Days (1926) WC00007
    Miami and Miami Beach (1939) WC07057
    Saxony Hotel , Van Dyke (1942) WC00266
    West Palm Beach, ferry, St. Petersburg, Labor Day picnic (1945) WC20387
    Key West Shriner parade (1946) WC00198-R01
    Bay Front Park (1946-1948) WC20391
    Ocala (1947) WC20394
    Rickenbacker Causeway (1947) WC05815
    Miami Beach, Hialeah Park (1949) WC05932
  • Caribbean/South America
    Haiti, Caracas, Curacao (1948) WC14420
    Guadeloupe, Barbados, Bequia, Petite Martinique, St. Vincent; Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and Bermuda WC01473
    South America (1964) WC14431
  • Asia
    Thailand, India, Israel (1960) WC14426
    Hong Kong, Japan (1960-1961) WC14425
    Yugoslavia (1965) WC14432
  • Africa
    African safari (1961) WC14406
  • Oceania
    South Pacific, Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand (1961-1962) WC14427
    South Pacific, Australia, Philippines, Hawaii (1961-1962) WC14429


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