Miami Seaquarium® Collection

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The Miami Seaquarium® Collection of film and video materials spans the history of the marine park since its opening in 1955. The collection includes exhibits, performances, instructional footage, and home movies.


  • Whale Show Marine Exhibition (Spanish) (1973) SEF169
  • Musical Moments Marine Exhibition (1973) SEF168
  • Silent Sirens: Manatees (1977) SEF067
  • Egg Into Animal (1982) SEF247
  • Shark’s Capture (1982) SEF041
  • Seaquarium Activities (1988) SEF231
  • Dolphin Births: Cookie’s Birth (1992) SEF190
  • Miami Seaquarium Reopening (1993) SEF197
  • Golden Dome Show (1994) SEF218
  • Necropsy of Bebe’s Baby (1994) SEF189
  • Manatee Rescue Mandalay (2000) SEF273
  • Seaquarium Raw Footage SEF271
  • Go Get the White Porpoise SEF256
  • Expedition Seaquarium: Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom series SEF262



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