WINK-TV Collection

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With newsfilm footage from the 1960s through the early 1980s, the WINK-TV Collection covers the areas near Fort Myers, from Everglades City to Tampa Bay, on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

  • Belize Hurricane: Hurricane Hattie, aftermath. (1961) WC08014

  • Immokalee: Scenes around town, interviews, Collier County. (1967) WC08013

  • Edison Pageant of Light: Parade of Lights in Fort Myers, marching bands, floats, Shriners. (1965; 1966; 1967; 1968) WC16231, WC16086, WC16085, WC16983

  • Bonita Springs Murder: Police officers with rifles walking in wooded area. (1976) WC17390
  • Passover Ceremony: Rabbi Scott explains ceremony held at his residence. (1978)  WC17365

  • People on the Beach: “Why do you come to the beach? ” interviews with beachgoers for Newsbeat report. (1981) WC08009
  • African Queen: Nautical News feature on the African Queen (1981) WC15552
  • Windsurfing: People windsurfing with spectator comments and encouragement. (1981) WC15554
  • Bike Path Kickoff: People sport shirts “McGregor jog and bike path”, police lead the group on the street. (1981) WC15651

  • Nautical Chapter One: Interview with sea animal trainer about the young killer whales in a close captive environment. (1981) WC16253

  • Barefoot Water Skiing: Interview with a barefoot skier about his dedication to skiing. (1981) WC16333

  • Mosquito Problems: Interview with Wayne Miller about severe mosquito annoyance in North Fort Myers. (1979) WC17242


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